Steer Right in Grand Haven

March 28, 2016

Virtually all vehicles come with power steering, so many Grand Haven drivers have never driven a car or truck without it. Power steering assists you when you turn your vehicle steering wheel. Without it, it would be very hard to steer. Now this power assist comes in a couple of forms. In recent... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Slow Down Around Grand Haven

March 20, 2016

There's not much we can do about the price of gas in Grand Haven , Michigan , but we do quite a bit about how much we use as we're driving on our Grand Haven streets.Our driving habits can dramatically affect our fuel economy.The first thing we can do is watch the 'go-pedal.' Hard acceleration j... More

Fuel Injection Basics for Grand Haven

March 13, 2016

All modern Grand Haven vehicles come with fuel injection systems, so it's a topic Grand Haven drivers need to know something about. The mighty fuel injector is a valve that delivers the gas or diesel fuel to the right place, in the right amount at the right timeto be mixed with air and burned i... More

Timing Belt

March 7, 2016

Ever heard the sad tale of a staggeringly steep repair bill from a broken timing belt? Bad news. Let's take a lesson from their woes and remember to think about our timing belt.First, let's review what a timing belt does. The top part of the engine over the cylinders is called the cylinder head.... More

It's About Time: Following Service Intervals at Tuffy Grand Haven

March 4, 2016

There are a lot of things in life that Grand Haven residents have to do on a regular basis. We wash dishes every day, do our laundry and mow our lawns every week, and pay the bills every month. We should go to our Grand Haven dentist twice a year and see our doctor for a check-up once a year. ... More

Higher Mileage Service Intervals for Grand Haven

March 3, 2016

Grand Haven drivers have probably noticed that the government mandates a lot of equipment on cars: emission devices and control computers, safety equipment like airbags and crash worthiness requirements. All of this is great for the motoring public in the Grand Haven area, but it does add quite... More

Tracking True in Michigan : Wheel Alignment in Grand Haven

March 2, 2016

The biggest issue for Grand Haven area drivers is always safety. When your vehicle wheels are out of alignment, the vehicle will pull to one side, which could lead to an accident. When you're vehicle is out of alignment, you should have it taken care of right away at Tuffy Grand Haven in Grand ... More

The Fallacy of Cheap Tires

March 1, 2016

Do you ever shop for shoes in one of our Grand Rapids area shoe stores?When buying a running shoe, is quality important?Does durability matter as long as the shoes look fabulous?Would you rather have one pair of long lasting shoes or two pair of lower quality shoes at the same price?Is the warr... More

Power Steering Service in Grand Haven

March 1, 2016

Most Grand Haven drivers are too young to remember life before power steering - cranking those great big steering wheels! It was a pretty good workout. Now power steering is standard. Let's look at how it works. The heart of any power steering system is its pump. The pump pressurizes the power s... More