Budget For Maintenance in Grand Haven

July 31, 2015

Sometimes busy Grand Haven residents dream about going back to the simpler days of our grandparents. But if you could travel back in time and take a road trip around Grand Rapids in a Model T, you might change your mind. The improved designs and quality of todays automobiles hav... More

Stay Headed In The Right Direction, Grand Haven

July 29, 2015

Power steering is standard on nearly every car and truck in Grand Haven , Michigan these days. Now there are some exotic, new types of power steering systems, but for the most part, the general setup is a pump thats driven by a belt powered by the engine. Contact the automotive pro... More

Battery Basics For Grand Haven

July 22, 2015

It's important for Grand Haven car owners to know battery basics. First, lets talk about which is harder on a battery hot or cold Michigan weather. Most Grand Rapids motorists think its cold weather because thats when we call on our batteries to have enough power to start a cold SUV engine.... More

Are Modern Vehicles Maintenance Free?

July 14, 2015

In our auto video today we'll be talking with Alan Peterson about myths surrounding automotive maintenance. You can lump these myths into the statement that "modern cars are so reliable, they are virtually maintenance free". Any good myth has some elements of truth. No offense to Gr... More

Smart Grand Haven Drivers Protect Against Overheating

July 3, 2015

Engines get hot when they run. This heat can build up and damage vital engine parts, so engines need a cooling system to keep them running. Cooling system failure is the most common mechanical failure in vehicles. This is unfortunate, because these failures are usually easy for Grand Haven dri... More